$30 Donation includes: $15,000 starting stack
Dinner and 3 Drink Tickets

RSVP by October 1st 2019 and receiver $3,000 Bonus Chips
Charity Tournament
  • Raffle-60% Ticket Holder / 40% Charity
  • Chip Bucket – $1.00 grab one chip per donation
  • Add on prior to cards fly – $5.00 for 5,000 chips
  • Re-Entries though 7:30PM $20.00 for starting stack

Our Fundraisers

Our vision is to assure any child on the Autism spectrum has the tools necessary for their growth.

Poker Tournaments

RIUFAS holds an annual poker tournament to raise money for families who need assistance getting the tools they need.

Charity Tournament

Donate now

If you would like to make a Donate to our charity you can simply click here and we will make sure your funds go to a good cause